Brutal Endeavors

New Release

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Jessica Swede ran away from elites that chewed her up barely spitting her out alive. Hiding out in Sin City, she replaced an old addiction with a new one, The X-Perience. Jessica’s goal was to always be a companion. She was always stuck as an assistant because her past and dark secrets that she never wanted to reveal held her back from companion status.

When the companion Jessica assists leaves, she hopes Eve will let her move to companion status. Unfortunately, Eve has other plans for Jessica and puts her in the pool placement system.

Jessica only hopes she doesn’t get placed with Mario Wilks.

Behind closed doors, Mario conspires with Eve to test Jessica’s limits to discover if being a companion is in her future. Using his vulgar, cruel, and demanding charm, Mario hopes to rip Jessica open to reveal her deepest, darkest fantasies.

But Mario’s dominance and Jessica’s fiery attitude will clash fueling their hate for one another.
Forced to work together, two people who hold so much disdain for one another will spark a sexual tension.
Caught in each other’s web of hate and lust, Jessica becomes too comfortable. She forgets that hiding from a past always comes back to take you.

Secrets begin unraveling forcing Mario to choose between his loyalty to Eve and his newfound obsession with Jessica.

Final book in The X-Perience Series. Can be read as a standalone. No Cliffhanger with an unorthodox HEA.

**Content Warning**
This work of fiction contains explicit consensual acts. This book is a dark enemies to lovers romance that contains bullying. Other triggering elements are brief physical abuse and death. Due to the graphic scenes, this book is 18+.

Love Games

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Stories tell of princesses and princes falling in love, living happily ever after in their castles ruling the kingdom below.

Growing up, Eve was raised a princess in love with the idea of one day becoming Queen of her own kingdom.

Determined to find her happily ever after, Eve goes against her parents’ wishes to spread her wings. She needs a prince charming. She needs her own kingdom.

But, what happens when a wealthy princess falls in love with a wolf in prince clothing?

Eve becomes engrossed in a fantasy trying to become the Queen she is destined to be with her King at her side.

Finding prince charming was a fluke. Falling for prince charming was easy. But, when the fantasy she created in her head doesn’t turn into what she wanted, love turns its back on Eve creating a path of death and destruction.

A broken woman can’t break anymore. All Eve can do is surrender to take her control back and become a Queen everyone loves and hates.

While on a path paved by Eve’s own demise, she finds herself in the depths of a dark family secret. Harnessing that secret, Eve discovers that fairytales can be rewritten to match what she truly envisions for herself.

Follow Eve as she rewrites her destiny making Sin City her playground.

Death. Destruction. Surrender. Love.

None of it is a match for Eve when she sets her sights on the Crown to rule the sinful and pleasurable Kingdom of her own creation.

Book 2 of The X-Perience Series can be read as a standalone. No Cliffhanger with a HEA.

**Content Warning**

This work of fiction contains elements explicit, consensual acts. Other elements in this book contain murder, blood, and lack of humanity. Due to the graphic content, this book is 18+.

Marked For You

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One Weekend. One Experience.

Growing up in a small-town, Kyle didn’t have a chance at life. Forced to raise herself and grow up fast, she became another small-town girl with small-town hopes.
When a group of strangers pass through town, Kyle notices how carefree and full of life they are. They were everything she wished she could be making her rethink her life. Kyle becomes determined to step forward taking control of her everyday boring life.
Searching deep on the internet, she finds The X-Perience. Anything you want, playing any role you please with just a click of a button.

Working as a companion for The X-Perience, Cree found an outlet for his deviant fantasies. He calls himself a monster with only three rules:

Play the Game

Don’t get Attached

Never Fall in Love

When a contract outlining the virgin package hits his desktop, he pauses not wanting the headache of an inexperienced girl. But, Cree likes a challenge and becomes enthralled in making this girl fall in love with him just to watch her walkaway heartbroken.

Maybe he has finally met his match.

First Book In The X-Perience Series. Can be read as a standalone. No cliffhanger with a HEA.

** Content Warning**
This work of fiction contains elements of explicit, consensual sexual acts. Other features in this book contain rape, torture, blood, and death. Due to the graphic content, this book is 18+.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Get ready for something dark and twisted!

Faded will take you on a whirlwind of ups and downs as Adlind Tuxton’s mind deprives her of the truth and makes her second guess herself. An inheritance laid out under strict terms has her fighting to understand who she is and where she comes from.

James Specter and eager businessman who wants Adlind and Kai Rucker the bad boy who will sweep Adlind off her feet the minute James is out of the picture. One is head over heels, the other the devil in disguise.

Who will she choose, and how many people will die before she finally figures out the truth?

**Content Warning**
This work of fiction features elements that some may find unsettling.

The Guilty Pieces

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sometimes fate has a way of stepping in at a most critical time in our lives.

Brecklund Avery had just turned twenty-one and her brother talked her out of her shell to go out. Three days later, she wakes in a hospital to the most unimaginable, leaving her mentally broken.

Fate has other plans for her when a stranger comes into her life that calms the storm in her mind. He carries just as much guilt forcing him to walk away.

Forced to live without the man that calms her mind, Brecklund becomes a silent ticking bomb that will eventually blow just to finally find happiness.

**Content Warning**
This work of fiction features elements that could be triggering to those with mental health issues.

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